Funky Print Studio is a family-owned and operated letterpress and hot foil printing atelier based in Bwood lettersucharest, Romania.

Our studio was born after careful consideration, out of love for printing, card stock and paper, colors and art.

We had a huge interest in letterpress for a good chunk of time, but only recently decided to open a studio of our own. Our love for paper and card stock goes a long way back having a 10 years working experience in this field. At the beginning of 2013 we finally decided to offer our skills and services in die cutting and also opened our first online shop – Funky Box Studio. Our timid attempt to turn our hobby into a small business had a greater response than we ever expected. Therefore, we continued to successfully make and sell card stock boxes of all shapes and sizes, gift tags, coasters, envelopes and other various die cuts until this day and we will keep carrying on with this activity.

Encouraged by the success of Funky Box Studio and the digitally printed table numbers that we sell there, we opened Funky Print Studio. Here we make personalized stationery, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations and various events cards.

We letterpress print on an Original Heidelberg Platen windmill from circa 1960, die cut on a vintage Russian die cutting machine, use a Schimanek guillotine for paper cutting and a Pescha hole punching machine. We do our very best to revive antique machinery and printing processes in order to create impressive details that will be treasured for a long time.

Meet The Team:

The people behind Funky Print Studio are husband and wife

Daniel & Andreea.

Daniel has been working and gaining experience in print houses for over a decade while at the same time sharing his knowledge and passion with Andreea.

They are constantly learning, improving and trying their best to bring back centuries old printing processes, instruments and machinery.

Daniel and Andreea look forward to working with you!