a) Card stock:

Keaykolour Original Snow White – 450gsm / 600gsm

Keaykolour Original China White – 450gsm / 600gsm

Keaykolour Original Biscuit – 450gsm / 600gsm

– Cordenons Creative Wild – 450gsm / 600gsm

– Grey papier mache

– duplexed kraft – 600gsm

These would be the usual card stocks we work with, but we can use other color cards as well.

b) Sending artwork

– only vector files – Corel Draw, Illustrator, Indesign, grouped and converted to curves. Please do not send .jpeg files, .psd, .png, screenshots or hand-drawn files as we can not use them

c) Turnaround time

– our turnaround time is between 2 – 3 weeks from sign-off of design to leaving the package at the post office / courier.

* The design step of the process should take about 4 – 5 days, depending on rapidity of mail answering, the client’s rapidity in decisions making and other unforeseeable events

* The actual production of the items takes between 2 – 3 weeks

* Shipping time depends on the client’s location and chosen shipping method

d) Minimum orders

– for business cards the minimum order is 100 pieces

– for wedding invitations, baby shower invitations, various events invitations, RSVPs, save the dates the minimum order is 50 pieces

e) Additional services for letterpress printing

– double sided printing

– edge painting

– rounded corners

– blind impression

– emboss



  • silver foil, gold foil, copper foil – the most commonly used
  • yes! we can hot foil print on black card stock


– cutting card stock in whatever shape and size using custom dies



– cutting, folding, perforating, drilling

For more detailed information please visit FAQ & Terms.