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Letterpress wedding invitations, business cards, custom designs & life lately

There are a lot (looooot!) of things going on at our end lately, so obviously, there’s no more time to update this blog as often as i’d want to. That’s why i kinda took it to Instagram for “live updates”. It’s a lot easier than to plan a whole blog post. And i get to share with you the latest projects we’re working on while we’re actually working on them!

There were so many great projects we took on lately that i’m not sure how i’m going to write a separate blog post for each one… Therefore, this one will be a general introduction for several of them.

We worked on some custom bow tie boxes that we hot foil printed on! This was actually the first hot foil printing project we took and they turned out so cute!! We made some samples with the foil we had available at the time, so we used silver, gold, copper, matte red and a dark brown.

hot foil boxesSince then we actually took on several other hot foil projects and i’m so very excited about this! They turn out so beautiful and elegant that i decided to change my own business cards and make them entirely hot foil!

Then we worked on a set of business cards and tags and we used a unique ink color here; very delicate and subtle and incredibly difficult to recreate actually! :)

letterpress business cards and tagsletterpress business cards and tagsThe above is Gemma’s photo and you can see pictures of her amazing work over here.

We actually hand mixed the ink so that it would get to the hue she was after and we were thrilled that she was happy with the result!

Then we worked on a couple of round business cards and i’m starting to like them more and more (actually we just took on another project involving round business cards!).

round letterpress business cardsround letterpress business cardsI was a bit nervous when we worked on the Arisdot letterpress project. Usually letterpress doesn’t work well with large portions of pressed paper, but they actually turned out great! Not only that, but we took on another similar project with pressed background and that one too turned out great!

After that we took on a custom design project that i totally loved and we were praised for!

custom letterpress business cardsFinally, the last project i’ll introduce to you here is a custom design letterpress wedding invitation. Well actually it’s an engagement invitation to be more precise.

letterpress wedding invitationThese are only a few of the projects we worked on lately, but there are so many others i have to talk about! I decided i have to have a separate blog post for all the hot foil projects we did and another one for all the projects involving edge painting. I absolutely love edge painting!

Hopefully i’ll be able to update this more often!
The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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[Behind the scenes] Custom letterpress calling cards, our design for a neurologist

The custom letterpress calling cards i’m talking about today were created by us from scratch. I really enjoy creating designs for business cards, so when i was given a free hand with these i was ecstatic! I played with a bunch of various fonts in order to find the perfect one to emphasize professionalism and seriousness, while at the same time leaving a long lasting impression by adding the brain logo. I may not be a neurologist like the owner of these custom letterpress calling cards, but i’m pretty sure this is how one would like to come across as: professional, serious and reliable.

film and polymer plate

Creating designs for letterpress cards is definitely not as easy as it may seem as there are a bunch of things to take into consideration. Letterpress printing is completely different from regular, digital printing. The most important thing to mention is that if you searched “less is more” you should get “letterpress” as a result. You know how in fashion there was that thing that Coco Chanel said: “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” This works perfectly for letterpress printing also. Well actually doing it, actually creating a design that is airy, yet with a powerful impression, simple, yet elegant, well that is not that easy. Moreover, there are tons and tons of available free fonts out there. Some of them look a lot better letterpress printed than others, so you need to envision each one and carefully choose the best option. Proportions are also very important; while you want the information to be visible, you don’t want it to take over the entire space. At the same time, don’t let the logo entirely overshadow the information. There has to be a balance, you have to find the right proportions so that they represent your brand, company, profession as a whole.

I got a little carried away there, didn’t i? Well anyway, this template is available to be used for various other professions as well; i’d change the brain logo with another to accommodate the requested profession. Also, i absolutely love the color of the Biscuit card stock so i plan o recommending it whenever and wherever i can! Here are the short technical details about these custom letterpress calling cards:

  • 450gsm Biscuit (light brown / chocolate milk) card stock, one side printing, 9 x 5 cm, black ink, custom design

custom letterpress calling cards custom letterpress calling cards custom letterpress calling cards custom letterpress calling cardsI’ve already added these custom letterpress calling cards on our portfolio, so you can check out more photos over here.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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FPS is currently working on: Funky Box Studio letterpress business cards

Even though our upcoming summer holiday is all i can think about, we’re still working hard on our Funky Box Studio letterpress business cards… among other things. I did mention before that we’re also working on a couple of custom letterpress business cards order (they’re so minimalist you can’t help falling in love with them! Aaaand one of the two is my own creation! *feeling proud*) and also a new letterpress tags order (since we’re using the card stock you haven’t really seen in our photos yet, i’m really excited to complete this project!). Nevertheless, i can only show you photos of our own Funky Box Studio letterpress business cards.

We’ve opened FBS more than 2 years ago, but i have been struggling to find a font and logo that i really liked. I was in a constant searching process and i wasn’t happy with any of the outcomes. Well finally, 2 years and 400 sales later, yours truly is completely happy with FBS’s logo and font design! Yeah, it only took me this much… and i still have to choose the card stock!

Funky Box Studio letterpress business cards Funky Box Studio letterpress business cards Funky Box Studio letterpress business cards Funky Box Studio letterpress business cardsYep, i am completely satisfied with our new design. I can’t wait to show you photos from the printing process! That’s gonna be fun since we’ll also have 2 ink colors here. Playing with colors again!

In the mean time, don’t forget about our Christmas in July letterpress promotion! Free shipping for any order of letterpress printed items is definitely something you should take advantage of because finally, it doesn’t matter where you’re from! We’ll take care of all the shipping issues! We’d also highly appreciate it if you helped us spread the word! *bows*

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!

PS: Why do i like those random inserts like *bows*, *feeling proud* so much? I don’t even use them on Facebook!


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FPS is currently working on: custom letterpress save the date cards… again!

Yep, it appears that FPS is very lucky when it comes to custom letterpress save the date cards. This time around, the cards i’ve designed according to our lovely client’s requests are just a bit trickier: there are two ink colors printed on 450gsm China White card stock and we also have a bit of die-cutting!

letterpress save the date films

letterpress polymer plate save the date

pantone ink color

letterpress heidelberg tiegel windmill

Say ‘hello’ to our Charlotte! She’s a mighty fine letterpress printing Heidelberg Tiegel. :)

custom letterpress save the date cards

Well this last photo i wasn’t exactly supposed to post as i hate ruining surprises, but i still wanted to show juuust a bit of everything: two ink colors, die-cutting, China White card stock. Also, since this photo is taken with my phone i think it’s safe to say that it’s not ruining much of the surprise, right? These custom letterpress save the date cards are yet another project i’m really proud of.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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