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Latest letterpress and hot foil printing projects. Bonus, exciting news!

We’ve been working like crazy lately and i figured i should share some of our latest letterpress and hot foil printing projects. Since there were quite a lot of them, i just had to pick somehow and it wasn’t easy. That’s because i really loved working on each of these projects! I loved the artwork (a bit of self-praise here, as some of them are designed by me) and i loved the end result. The best part of all is that our clients were happy with them too and that’s really the best feeling you could have regarding your own business.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

letterpress business cards

It really doesn’t matter what Pantone says, grey is definitely the color for letterpress. We’ve had so many projects in grey ink even from our very beginning about 2 years ago! Even now, the projects i’m presenting now are most of them printed in grey ink… You can’t deny the power of grey! Well these letterpress cards above rocked grey ink! gold foil tags

This time around we have gold hot foil tags. My personal favorite combinations for hot foil printing are the ones that use darker colored card stock; i feel like the shiny metallic foil stands out a lot more. However, it highly depends on the design too. And if it’s a simple, minimal design such as the one above, then it works wonders on our Snow White card stock as well!

letterpress hang tags

I was totally in love with the color combination of these tags and the design as well! Using 2 ink colors on small tags is not that popular, although seeing how these cuties turned out, i definitely think it should!letterpress square tags

Getting back to the grey area, the letterpress square hang tags above and the rectangular ones underneath are both printed in grey ink on our puffy Wild card stock. I love using this card stock for designs that have thin elements or thin fonts. Since it has 35% cotton in it, this card stock allows a deeper indentation. letterpress rectangular tags letterpress round cards

The design for the letterpress round cards cards above is absolutely beautiful (no, sadly, i wasn’t the one who created it)! Using grey papier mache for round cards is actually quite popular in our little studio. I never would have thought, actually…  copper hot foil save the dates

Finally, i am proud to say that the design for the copper hot foil save the dates above is created by me and is has gotten really popular! See what i was saying before with the combination of hot foil printing and darker colored card stock? We used a dark grey card stock (of course, back to grey again!) and copper hot foil.

Well, these are only a few of the letterpress and hot foil printing projects we’ve been working on lately, but you can see more of them on our Instagram.

And finally, i did mention something about some good news, right? Well, i am happy to say that starting tomorrow, we’ll have a special sale offer for our letterpress and hot foil printing projects!! So stay tuned and find out how you’ll be able to get custom letterpress or hot foil printed business cards, hang tags, wedding stationery, business stationery or any other type of card at a far better offer than usual!!

The Funky Studio Team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!

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[Behind the scenes] Custom letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle

We printed the letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle back in August right after we came back from our vacation. It was definitely a great project to transition back in to working mode!

Since we’re still quite at the beginning of our letterpress journey, each project still brings something new and exciting. This time around, we got to use our gold – copper – light brown ink that sparkles in the sunlight and i’m totally in love with! Also, there was a bit of die-cutting and hole punching as well so that we’d get beautiful and elegant letterpress hang tags to match the style of Lulu & Belle. Moreover, we didn’t use the standard 450gsm card stock, but even thicker 600gsm one. It was a real pleasure working on this project and i was really happy to find that the tags were very well liked!

Here are the short technical details for the custom letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle:

  • 600gsm duplexed Snow White card stock, one side printing, 2 x 6 cm, one ink color – gold / copper / light brown, die cutting (rounded corners), hole punching
letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle

Letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle. Photo by Lulu & Belle

letterpress tags

Letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle. Photo by Lulu & Belle

letterpress tags

Letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belle. Photo by Lulu & Belle

letterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belleletterpress hang tags for Lulu & Belleletterpress tags

I was even happier when i received the first three photos with the letterpress tags actually being used alongside the wonderful Lulu & Belle jewelry. Thank you so much, Sandra!

Lulu & Belle is the place to go when searching for exquisite vintage jewelry. They search the world trying to find the best pieces out there and they restore them to their former glory so that they can be worn and cherished once again. You’ll surely find the perfect gifts for vintage jewelry enthusiasts, but also pieces that can be worn during very special occasions. Check out their website and get ready to be amazed!

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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