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February mood board. Hello, romantic February! Please, be good!

Even though they say this is the month of love, my February mood board doesn’t really reflect that. Actually i don’t really like this month much. I always seem to catch a cold in February and this time is no different.

february mood board(source)

Well, i may not like the month, but i’m doing my very best to keep active and take on new challenges. There’s also the “Free shipping letterpress” promotion for this month, so i’m making sure the cold weather doesn’t get me down. Although i admit i’d much rather just stay inside, drink hot cocoa with lots of cream and read a bunch of books. That’s definitely my view on February. We can’t always get what we want, right? Therefore, i get on to the second best things: work on both the letterpress shop and the packaging shop, make plans, organize stuff.

I tend to not drink enough water, which is not good, so i got one of those little phone apps to remind me to drink. It may sound stupid, but it does the trick for me. I’ve started a couple of days before and so far so good.

Then, today i’ll start a 30 Days workout challenge. This is actually also a phone app, so i guess i’m finally starting to realize the benefits of phone apps? Anyway, i’ll get back with updates on this one, but i’m pretty confident it will be ok. Or maybe i just got a boost of confidence altogether since i just turned 30? Hmmm…. it might be…

Oh well, my February mood board is kinda like this…

february mood board

february mood boardSource: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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11 thoughts on “February mood board. Hello, romantic February! Please, be good!”

  1. Lovely board! I have that problem too ‘not drinking enough water’ didn’t know there was an app for that…I think I need it too!
    Stay warm and take care!

    1. Oh there are actually several apps for drinking water! :D There’s an app for everything these days. :))
      You too, take care!

  2. I have no problems drinking water :)
    But apps can be indeed very helpful!
    And you can totally do the 30 days workout challenge. I do yoga everyday and it easily fits in any routine :)

  3. The apps are good. I have no problem with drinking water, but trying out some other ones rignt now for productivity and a short daily meditation.
    Great moodboard, books and hot chocolate is always good.

  4. There’s an app for everything now, I must find one to remind me to give water to my indoors plants!
    Your moodboard is very cosy, and I must say that a book and a cuppa is always my favorite!

  5. Oh I would love to join you for the hot cocoa and the books. That would be such a nice February!
    Also have trouble with remembering to drink water, so maybe I should get myself that app…

  6. I hate the cold and London seems to be always cold. Looking forward to warmer days soon. Presently, I dread the cold bathroom and then don’t want to get out of the shower as the warm water is just too good. Bring on the summer.

    1. Oh i so agree with the warm showers and not wanting to get out! That’s pretty much why i always end up staying at least an hour there! :)) Judging by the weather outside, spring is right around the corner so we just need to wait a little longer!! :D

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