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Wednesday wishes. Let’s focus on ourselves for a change!

The first Wednesday Wishes article i posted over here is my all time Nemesis. It’s just one of those things i guess. Well i did reach the 6000 Twitter followers goal though, so i guess it is something after all. On the other hand, i’ve started marking as “done” some of the things on the second post, so it’s still good.

Well let’s see what we can squeeze for this week!

wednesday wishes

* Do sports. I need to get back in shape… as much as possible. I won’t even get into detail here. I finally did it! Got myself a gym permit and i am attending 3 classes a week. It makes me feel great mostly because it’s not your regular gym that i go to; they’re also focusing on communication and having fun and we meet and greet each other and learn about healthy food. Oh well, all in all, i’m finally doing sports.

* Make salads. This is sort of a part of the “cooking more” goal, but the salads are a must. I love salads! Why don’t i make more of those?

* Read. I’ve been so busy with work, the shops, that temporary project i worked on that i didn’t have time to read anything lately. And i so miss reading a good book! I have so many i want to read that i just don’t know where to start! At least i caught up with Dr. Who episodes.

* Create designs for letterpress business cards, wedding invitations, RSVPs and save the dates. I have so many ideas, but so little time to actually apply them. This must be done!

* Make pancakes. Lots of food related wishes this week, so i try to have them limited to a minimum… But i can’t really pass on the pancakes one, can i? Now that i think about it, these food wishes are a bit in contradiction with my “do sport” thing over there… Oh well. Made pancakes finally (on the 11th of July… why did it take so long to just make pancakes?)!

* Buy earrings. Seriously, i never have enough earrings and i really need them. Ok, maybe not really “need” them per se, but close enough. Bought earrings! But i sorta… want more?

* Major house cleaning. Like really major!

* Visit the Botanical Garden and Palace of the Parliament. Both of these have been on my list for too long. It’s gotta be done!

Yep, finally starting to focus more on other things rather than work all the time. It’s really about time i did that!

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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