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Wednesday Wishes. New Year’s resolutions

It was definitely time to put together a New Year’s resolutions post. I have so many plans for this year, both major and little things as well! Really, there’s a very wide range here: from buying hand sanitizer to getting a house! Now that’s a fair idea of the wide range of goals i was talking about.

wednesdayOh well, let’s see if we can put together a list:

* Turn hobby into actual business. I don’t think this needs further explaining. It’s going to be a dream come true!

* Get a house. Another “dream come true” thing.

* Visit more of Romania. Though it’s going to be difficult because of the other major goals, but hey? Who knows? It might just work out.

* Get an eye surgery. Oh yeah, my sight is pretty bad, but surgery is possible, so i want to give it a try.

* Get braces put on. As it turns out, my eyes aren’t the only bad thing about me. Also, it’s never too late for braces. Basically, if you want something, go for it!

* Create wedding sets designs, have samples made, get them photographed and listed. I have so many ideas, but so little time. Also, it’s quite difficult and expensive too to have letterpress samples made. But it must be done either way.

* I kind of gave up on the number of sales goal because more and more sales are coming directly through mail and i can’t keep up. As for the letterpress shop, actually most of the sales are done through mail. So basically what i’m trying to say here is that i need to organize the sales somehow.

* Get hand sanitizer and thermal water. I so need these!

* Get better at taking photos. I’m so struggling with this! I even considered having a professional take photos for my items, but it’s driving me crazy that i can’t, so i keep trying…

* Get back into sports. Last year i did great at this, so i must pick it up again. Sports combined with a mere 10 minutes round of meditation. I never thought it would do me so much good!

* Read more. There are soooo many books i want to read and my new toy makes it possible for me to have access to all of them. I have a new Kindle and i love it! Currently reading: “The Da Vinci code”.

* Cook more. I think i always write this as part of my goals. The lack of free time is really killing me, but i’m doing my best here.

* Stop taking everything to heart. This has been my problem for as long as i can remember. I let stupid things (and people) get me down. Must stop caring so much.

* Celebrate birthdays. I have a problem remembering birthdays; i would really forget my own if other people didn’t remind me of it.

Weeeell maybe i should stop for now. I think there are a mot more, but there’s always next Wednesday, right? That’s about it with my New Year’s resolutions for this Wednesday.

Until then, take care!!

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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Wednesday Wishes. Summer mode on!

Looking back, it’s been almost two months since i’ve had a Wednesday Wishes post! And yet, that definitely doesn’t mean there aren’t any wishes to write down. Far from it! I guess i’m into summer mode? I’m actually not sure why i skipped these… No idea at all… Well anyway, let’s get back on track here. I’ve updated the other WW posts clearing out the ones i’ve accomplished. There still are a bunch more to go, but i’ve still cleared quite a few. Be proud of small victories, right?

I guess this round of WW will be more personal rather than related to the letterpress and packaging shops; that’s because we’ll soon be closing them for our summer vacation! So as i was saying, summer mode on! I’ve been dreaming about this vacation since the beginning of the year! Let’s see!

wednesday wishes summer mode

* Make detailed plans for the upcoming holiday:

research good restaurants for good food (actually what i mean by that is also finding foods that i haven’t tried yet) Did research good restaurants, though it turned out to be useless. We found the absolute best restaurant on our first try and we just kept eating there choosing from their varied menu! Yum!

research water parks nearby – i really want to go to one! Since i wear contact lenses for my bad eyesight, i’ve always kinda avoided places like that, but not anymore. I’ll just take 2 pairs of lenses with me just in case i lose one in the water! Mwuahaha! Done the research, but never got to see the water park; i’m not really disappointed though…

i’ve already decided on the extra trip we’re going to make and that’s a short cruise and visiting another Greek island The cruise was a lot of fun and i got to eat on that island the absolute best tuna salad i’ve ever eaten in my entire life! 

hopefully learn to swim a bit better. Yes, i do want to go to a water park even if i can’t swim. I can … float on the salty Greek seas though; does that count? This is also a bit of a “face your fears” kinda thing. I did swim, but i can’t say it’s better than last year… Hmmm…

take long walks, take lots of photos, turn phone off, relax, laugh, dance, live the moment! Done and done and done!

* Be more opinionated. Actually maybe “opinionated” is too strong of a word, but i probably need it like that. I actually think i’m getting there. There were a few incidents that made me realize i’m starting to get a voice and be heard; hopefully i’ll be able to keep this up.

* Go to the local water park i have my eyes on! Yes, i’m definitely very into the summer mode, but that water park looks like a lot of fun!

* Go at the mountains again and visit places i haven’t seen before. There are actually quite a few i have in mind for this.

* Start a “Visiting Romania” section on the blog and post photos of what i see. This really is a beautiful country and hopefully my poor photography skills will be enough to show it.

* Make a working work space at home. This one is a must. I can’t always be in the studio and i do a lot of work from home also – when it comes to designing new letterpress business cards templates, wedding invitations, RSVPs, save the dates etc. , as well as keeping in touch with clients. Well the problem is my current desk at home doesn’t really work for me; a work space should inspire you and make you want to actually work. Well my work space is not comfortable and inspires me to watch TV really…

* Eat watermelon! I absolutely love watermelon and i recently saw a sort of a food project where they made little Christmas Trees out of watermelon (it’s Christmas in July after all), but for the life of me, i can’t remember where i saw it! I guess that’s the downside of reading too many blogs?

* I already have “make salads” on another WW list, but this time i have to add something: once again, something i’ve seen somewhere, either on a blog or on Pinterest. Make little mushrooms out of radishes! Sounds interesting, right?

* This is something else i have on another list, but i must write it again; maybe this time i’ll actually do it: make lemonade!! Lots of it!

Well as i was saying, there’s hardly anything related to work; i only have one thing in mind and that’s summer fun! I keep feeling that i forgot something, but then again, there’s always next Wednesday.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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