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March mood board. Hello, pastel spring! Please, be good!

My March mood board is probably the one that i like the most out of all 12 chapters of a year. After so many months of cold weather, lots of clothes to put on and trying to keep warm, finally spring is here!

march mood board(source)

I realized i liked March and spring in general more than i thought. Though i’ll always be a summer girl, spring is the one i’m eagerly waiting for when autumn starts. I am in love with blossom cherry trees and magnolia trees and spring flowers. Since i am a total Japan lover and Japan is famous for its sakura trees (cherry blossom), this mood board reflects my love for the both.

On my last month’s mood board i was talking about the 2 apps i had just begun using: the one reminding me to drink water and the workout one. Well, one of them stuck with me, the other didn’t. Yes, the water one did. February was an incredibly busy month for us and i’m really really thankful for it. Thanks to our “free shipping in February” promotion, we received many orders and we’re still working on about 4 different projects at the moment. The downside was that i didn’t have any time left for my workout app routine. Still, i’m not giving up on it and i plan on picking it up again.

The lack of free time is also keeping me from taking photos of all the new boxes we made and they’ve really been piling up! The time for them will definitely come, though!

Getting back on track, here’s what my March mood board looks like:

march mood boardmarch mood boardSource: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Well, hello there, beautiful spring! It’s time to get ready for some colorful and sunny days!

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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8 thoughts on “March mood board. Hello, pastel spring! Please, be good!”

  1. SO much freshness :)
    And hehe about the workout-app didn’t sticking to your schedule :D
    I read a few years back that you have to force yourself for 3 months for a new routine to stick. BUT that only works if you sort of enjoy said routine :)

    1. Oh i definitely agree with enjoying the routine in order for it to stick! The thing is, i don’t quite know if i enjoy it or not. I don’t hate it, but i’m not sure if i enjoy it. What i do enjoy is the results. :)))

  2. I love spring too :) And that is a beautiful sakura moodboard!
    Workout app… ha ha ha I would not even think of installing that, so you’re one step ahead of me ;)

    1. :))) At least now that you read about the idea, it might stick with you and who knows? Maybe it will work for you too! :D

  3. I’ve also done the water app but without the app :))) It’s easier to just drink water than workout a lot :D
    And love your spring mood!

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