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Wednesday wishes. Getting into blogging mode

For this week’s Wednesday Wishes post i think it’s going to be all about the blogging mode i seem to have gotten into. I used to have a personal blog and i loved posting there, interacting with other bloggers, attending blogmeets and so on. It was a lot of fun and it lasted about 3 years. It all came to an end when Funky Box Studio came to life. No more time for blogging… The day job and the etsy shop were more than enough to leave room for nothing else. So i had to quit blogging. For a while i blogged solely for the shop, updates regarding the shop, new items and so on. Oh, but it was so boring! Now, with this new virtual home, i’m more than determined to combine the two in a fun way: personal, but also for the shops. So i’ve finally started one of the goals in another WW article: i’m starting to interact with other bloggers! General feeling: it feels so good to be back!! Blogging mode activated!

Maybe i should actually start the WW article…

wednesday wishes blogging mode

* Sort through the blogs i follow via Bloglovin’ and leave the ones i actually do read. Also, add more! Done and doing! As i keep interacting with various bloggers i also update the Bloglovin’ list.

* Schedule blog posts. Since time is always an issue, i must schedule posts whenever there’s a chance… technically. Technically, because practically there’s always something i must do! There are always a bunch of things i want to do!

* Sleep. Ok, something not related to anything, but i’m in serious need of sleep! I think i can consider this cleared. Various reasons here (we got extra help with the production processes, got out more – park, bedminton, mountains -, very quiet month of July).

* Buy peonies. It’s their time, after all. And since my “buy tulips” goal was never accomplished, i think maybe this time… i’ll be luckier? My husband cleared this one out for me!

* Get new table for the studio. I kept saying how we’re trying to put the studio together and how we need a bunch of things, but the table is a definite must. Also, just as important as the table, storage options.

* DIY projects. There are so many i want to try! So i need to get them all in one place first, update whenever there’s something new and finally, start actually doing them! Then again, i guess i could put the studio decorating thing over here, so it’s not like i haven’t done anything at all…

No more wishes for this week! Or maybe there are, but i’m too sleepy to think straight? Hmmm…

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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