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Wednesday wishes. Getting into blogging mode

For this week’s Wednesday Wishes post i think it’s going to be all about the blogging mode i seem to have gotten into. I used to have a personal blog and i loved posting there, interacting with other bloggers, attending blogmeets and so on. It was a lot of fun and it lasted about 3 years. It all came to an end when Funky Box Studio came to life. No more time for blogging… The day job and the etsy shop were more than enough to leave room for nothing else. So i had to quit blogging. For a while i blogged solely for the shop, updates regarding the shop, new items and so on. Oh, but it was so boring! Now, with this new virtual home, i’m more than determined to combine the two in a fun way: personal, but also for the shops. So i’ve finally started one of the goals in another WW article: i’m starting to interact with other bloggers! General feeling: it feels so good to be back!! Blogging mode activated!

Maybe i should actually start the WW article…

wednesday wishes blogging mode

* Sort through the blogs i follow via Bloglovin’ and leave the ones i actually do read. Also, add more! Done and doing! As i keep interacting with various bloggers i also update the Bloglovin’ list.

* Schedule blog posts. Since time is always an issue, i must schedule posts whenever there’s a chance… technically. Technically, because practically there’s always something i must do! There are always a bunch of things i want to do!

* Sleep. Ok, something not related to anything, but i’m in serious need of sleep! I think i can consider this cleared. Various reasons here (we got extra help with the production processes, got out more – park, bedminton, mountains -, very quiet month of July).

* Buy peonies. It’s their time, after all. And since my “buy tulips” goal was never accomplished, i think maybe this time… i’ll be luckier? My husband cleared this one out for me!

* Get new table for the studio. I kept saying how we’re trying to put the studio together and how we need a bunch of things, but the table is a definite must. Also, just as important as the table, storage options.

* DIY projects. There are so many i want to try! So i need to get them all in one place first, update whenever there’s something new and finally, start actually doing them! Then again, i guess i could put the studio decorating thing over here, so it’s not like i haven’t done anything at all…

No more wishes for this week! Or maybe there are, but i’m too sleepy to think straight? Hmmm…

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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Funky Box Studio turns 2! Roundup.

Our boxes and packaging supplies shop, Funky Box Studio has just turned 2 years old. Woohoo!


I’ve read the post on the old blog where we celebrated FBS‘s first anniversary and as i finished, i kept wondering: where did the time go? It’s like i was just writing that article yesterday!

So here’s the introduction i wrote then that is still ok today: Funky Box Studio is a little paper goodies supplier and we have high hopes for it. The beginning wasn’t actually as filled with hopes as the present is, to be completely honest. We started off by simply providing die cutting services and soon after, we opened our Etsy shop where we sell boxes of various shapes and sizes, envelopes, tags, coasters, various die cuts, table numbers etc.

Now, two years after opening FBS, things have picked up quite a bit. The most significant moments for this second year of activity are:

moving into a new studio – by far, the most important step for us was moving into our own studio. It’s really not much if you think about the small room we first got, but it was ours and we were thrilled.

expanding the studio and the activity – quite soon after moving into the new studio, we decided to finally officially give letterpress printing a try, so because of the new machines coming in, we added a larger room to our initial tiny one. It’s been a real struggle and we were faced with many hardships – and we still are! -, but it still is an incredible feeling walking inside that studio and knowing it’s ours. :)

– finally setting up an official website for both FBS and FPS. I kept wanting to do this ever since we first started, but a free platform blog seemed like the best idea at the time. Now, however, as we’re already 2 years old and we can already walk on our own two feet, i say this website was more than appropriate.

I did write there at the end of the 1st year anniversary post that the goal for the second year was to turn FBS into a full time job. We’re still not quite there, yet, but this dream still stands and hopefully we’ll be able to make it come true this time around. The third time is the charm, right? Also, as for the first year the sales’ goal was to reach 100, for the second one we figured we should double that and reach 300 in total. Well now, 340 official sales later, 6000 Twitter followers and 1300 facebook likes later, i can say we definitely reached that goal entirely. Moving forward with that doubling sales thing seems kind of a stretch, but hey? Let’s see how many we can have out of the final goal of 700 at the end of our third year!

It’s been a roller-coaster, but still a fun ride altogether. There were countless nights spent working in the studio, frustrations because of so many reasons, but also wonderful people who helped us wake up the next day and do it all again, small successes that made us feel like we’d just saved the planet and all of this makes it all worth it.

Thank you for your support!

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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Wednesday wishes. Kiwi tarts and sleep and workload…

Looking back at the first “Wednesday Wishes” article i posted here, i realize it’s going to take quite a while to get those wishes accomplished. Still, i’m almost there with the Twitter goal and i really do smile a lot more lately. Even though i feel like the workload increases exponentially. Even up to this point i haven’t been able to buy a few tulips and it’s driving me crazy! I think soon enough we’ll have an entire blog post dedicated to tulips…

Well let’s get started with the new round of wishes for this week:


* Make kiwi tarts again. I initially saw them on this blog i read regularly and i thought to myself: “Whoa! That sounds easy! I have to try this!” And i did. And i completely messed up the pudding. “Not so easy now, huh?” However, i quickly fixed the problem with a Dr Oetker lemon & vanilla pudding mix and my tarts turned out to be absolutely delicious! Have to do this again. Soon. Done and done again! Will definitely keep making these tarts as they are absolutely delicious!

* Get some sleep! Seriously, i am in serious need of some serious sleep. I actually did catch up on my sleep and i’m starting to feel better again!

* Took on another project a couple of days ago and i’ve set next Monday as my deadline. Actually i kind of doubt i’ll be able to meet that deadline considering the workload of this project (is “workload” my new favorite word?), but i must do this in order to motivate myself. Finally finished this project… a lot later than i wished, but i’m glad it’s finally done!

* We’re finally (re-)decorating our studio, so we must go out and find a large number of things… I kept talking about this in the past, but only now we’re actually starting. This studio is seriously in serious need of serious repairs and decorating. We’re actually done for the most part; i mean we now have better walls, floors, even a large map of Europe on a wall, shelves, got all the ink cans sorted and arranged properly, most of the machines are properly placed… Still need things, but it’s now actually … a work space.

* Create more Etsy treasuries. Help others, help yourself! Actually did and keep doing it as often as i can. Yay!

* Get more “tips and tricks” blog articles up. It seems like they’d actually be helpful as some questions have been asked on Coffee Talk team forum discussions.

* Interact with fellow bloggers! I’ve been trying to do this for quite a while, but there was never the right time to do it… Or i was always carrying heavy workloads (again???) that prevented me from doing so…. Oh yeah, i’m just making excuses. Just interact, for crying out loud! Started to! And it’s going ok. I’m finally getting back (sorta) to the blogging mode.

No more wishes for today. The need of sleep is preventing me from thinking straight, so i think that’s basically the ultimate wish for today. And the tarts.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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