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Wednesday wishes. Kiwi tarts and sleep and workload…

Looking back at the first “Wednesday Wishes” article i posted here, i realize it’s going to take quite a while to get those wishes accomplished. Still, i’m almost there with the Twitter goal and i really do smile a lot more lately. Even though i feel like the workload increases exponentially. Even up to this point i haven’t been able to buy a few tulips and it’s driving me crazy! I think soon enough we’ll have an entire blog post dedicated to tulips…

Well let’s get started with the new round of wishes for this week:


* Make kiwi tarts again. I initially saw them on this blog i read regularly and i thought to myself: “Whoa! That sounds easy! I have to try this!” And i did. And i completely messed up the pudding. “Not so easy now, huh?” However, i quickly fixed the problem with a Dr Oetker lemon & vanilla pudding mix and my tarts turned out to be absolutely delicious! Have to do this again. Soon. Done and done again! Will definitely keep making these tarts as they are absolutely delicious!

* Get some sleep! Seriously, i am in serious need of some serious sleep. I actually did catch up on my sleep and i’m starting to feel better again!

* Took on another project a couple of days ago and i’ve set next Monday as my deadline. Actually i kind of doubt i’ll be able to meet that deadline considering the workload of this project (is “workload” my new favorite word?), but i must do this in order to motivate myself. Finally finished this project… a lot later than i wished, but i’m glad it’s finally done!

* We’re finally (re-)decorating our studio, so we must go out and find a large number of things… I kept talking about this in the past, but only now we’re actually starting. This studio is seriously in serious need of serious repairs and decorating. We’re actually done for the most part; i mean we now have better walls, floors, even a large map of Europe on a wall, shelves, got all the ink cans sorted and arranged properly, most of the machines are properly placed… Still need things, but it’s now actually … a work space.

* Create more Etsy treasuries. Help others, help yourself! Actually did and keep doing it as often as i can. Yay!

* Get more “tips and tricks” blog articles up. It seems like they’d actually be helpful as some questions have been asked on Coffee Talk team forum discussions.

* Interact with fellow bloggers! I’ve been trying to do this for quite a while, but there was never the right time to do it… Or i was always carrying heavy workloads (again???) that prevented me from doing so…. Oh yeah, i’m just making excuses. Just interact, for crying out loud! Started to! And it’s going ok. I’m finally getting back (sorta) to the blogging mode.

No more wishes for today. The need of sleep is preventing me from thinking straight, so i think that’s basically the ultimate wish for today. And the tarts.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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