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Custom letterpress business cards. General ideas and introduction

Custom letterpress business cards is the very first “serious” subject i chose to blog about as i can also look at it like it’s an introductory post.

Short letterpress introduction

I’ve explained briefly what letterpress is in our FAQ and Terms section, but i’m pretty sure more and more people are already familiar with this process even though it’s so old. The reason for that is the sudden rebirth of letterpress printing appealing to more and more people each day. As terrible of a photographer as i am, you can still clearly see the indentation letterpress printing leaves on the piece of card stock. That is basically what people are looking for as well as good quality, thick card stock.

custom letterpress business cardsLetterpress for business cards

In this era of technology paper is indeed losing ground, but no matter how advanced technology gets paper will surely always be used. The rebirth of letterpress printing comes as one of the responses to this technology evolution. Nowadays, when exchanging contact information all you need is your mobile phone. We even started sending wedding invitations through emails! RSVPs? Just a text message away… Well letterpress printing came to show that a tangible, physical object will surely leave a lasting impression that will definitely be beneficial on the long term.

In the custom letterpress business cards’ case, you can even see in our photos (if you haven’t already had one) that they are way different than regular, digital printed business cards; they are special, they provide an exquisite visual and tactile experience that will make it difficult for the receiver to throw it away. Having someone write your number in their phone will simply mean adding a new name in a long list that’s already more than half forgotten. Do you want that person to actually consider you for a future business? Do you actually want that person to call you back or send an email? Make that statement directly through your custom letterpress business cards. The receiver will surely have a hard time throwing your custom letterpress business cards away, so having one on his desk every day, being reminded of you every day will surely increase the chances of getting back to you, right?

custom letterpress business cardsLetterpress business cards at Funky Print Studio

Little details about business cards letterpress printing at Funky Print Studio:

– we usually work with 4 types of 450gsm card stock – Keaykolour Original Snow White, Keaykolour Original China White, Keaykolour Original Biscuit, Cordenons Creative Wild. However, if you have a special card stock in mind, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll do our best to make it happen

– we do not have standard formats that we only work with. We can have your custom letterpress printed business cards cut at whichever format works best for you

– we normally recommend using no more than 2, maximum 3 colors and without having them overlap

– we do offer edge painting as well as rounded corners and any other die cutting service you can think of

Well, hopefully i was able to shed some light on this whole letterpress for business cards matter. However, if you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly at office@funkyprintstudio.com.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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