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Welcome to Funky Print Studio!

letterpress cardsHello and welcome to Funky Print Studio! The time has finally come when i, Andreea, your personal customer service provider can wholeheartedly welcome you to our new letterpress shop and website.

It is definitely a turning point for us as we’ve been providing gift boxes and other paper supplies since April 2013 on our Funky Box Studio shop and now, 2 years later, we are extremely excited, happy, thrilled to be expanding into the letterpress printing world. We’ve definitely worked hard to get to this point, but it is such an accomplishment for us that it surely makes it worth it.

So what exactly do you do?, oh yes, i can hear your question there! We at Funky Print Studio offer letterpress printing services materialized in letterpress business cards, letterpress wedding invitations, simple flat cards or folded cards, coasters, tags, stationery etc. Our studio was born after careful consideration, out of love for printing, card stock and paper, colors and art. We had a huge interest in letterpress for a good chunk of time, but only recently decided to open a studio of our own. It is still far from what we have in mind as a final goal, but hey! we do have to begin at some point, right?

We sure hope our services will be put to good use and our letterpress printed items will help in leaving a lasting impression on your guests, your clients, yourself.

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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