gold letterpress business cards
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What has FPS been doing? Custom letterpress business cards, wedding sets, custom designs, new boxes and ranting

FPS has been quite busy, even though lately you can tell people are finally starting their summer holidays. We’ve been working on several custom letterpress business cards, new templates for business cards (which i’m quite anxious to have up in the shop), new templates for save the date cards and also our very first letterpress wedding invitations and reception cards!

We played with ink colors again as we took on a custom letterpress business cards order that had to be printed in navy blue (i must admit, i can’t wait for the client to receive her package as these cards are definitely my favorite project so far! They turned out wonderful! Will have to wait for a confirmation before showing any photos though.). Continuing with ink colors playing, we re-printed our business cards using a sort of metallic copper-gold-brownish ink. Now that’s a color description! But seriously, it’s exactly that! It is a sparkling copper in the sunlight, but it turns brown when inside… The photos can’t really show these subtle changes, but in reality this ink color is quite amazing!

gold custom letterpress business cards

gold custom letterpress business cards

gold custom letterpress business cards

Our first custom wedding stationery set is also something i’m very proud of. I really enjoyed working on the design and we’re actually close to completion. We printed this wedding set in navy blue as well and we also made custom envelopes with blind printing on them. I’m guessing the actual Pantone color for the year is not really Marsala, but Navy Blue…

Our packaging shop will also be updated with new boxes quite soon. We have a bunch of them not listed yet, but alas, my all time nemesis, photography, gets in the way!

The letterpress shop is also in full-mode Christmas in July party! We have a special offer for Christmas in July: free shipping!! I’ll be doing a separate post about this too, but i thought i should mention it here too. So all of you business owners in search for impressive business cards or tags, all of you love-birds searching for beautiful wedding stationery that your guests won’t be able to throw away, all of you people around the world in search of custom letterpress printing, now it’s your chance! We’ll be handling the shipping for you, so there are no boundaries!

I really felt like ranting today, so i’ve done it! It’s also because i should have blogged sooner, but i must admit i’m also thinking of my summer holiday a lot lately…

The Funky Studio team wishes you, as always, a colorful day!


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6 thoughts on “What has FPS been doing? Custom letterpress business cards, wedding sets, custom designs, new boxes and ranting”

  1. the new subtle ink colour of your business card makes it looks very stylish and elegant! Well done.
    I love letterpress stationery :)

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them! We have a bunch of new inks to try out, but most of them we can just figure out what they look like. This color though was definitely something we had to try and see. :D

  2. Andreea, so happy to see that your business is doing well. It is the best reason of being busy! it is actually very pleasant type of business hehe :)

    your packaging looks so neat and pretty! love the style
    love all your designs!

    Why Buy? DIY!

    1. Oh thank you so much! :D We’re still only at the beginning, but we try our best to do this and our day jobs as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this full time soon enough. :)
      Thank you!! x

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